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[ALTITUDE20 Keynote] Delivering on The Promise of SaaS

How are the best IT teams driving value across the business? How are they unlocking more value from their SaaS environment while creating seamless and secure user experiences? In this keynote session, BetterCloud’s Chief Product Officer, Jim Brennan, will discuss the power of SaaSOps, and highlight investments and innovations in the SaaS management and SaaS security spaces. Get an overview of how far the BetterCloud platform has come over the past year, along with some exciting announcements around new and improved features and integrations that truly deliver on the promise of SaaS. Speakers: Jim Brennan, Chief Product Officer, BetterCloud Craig Holland, SVP IT Infrastructure at Condé Nast Harit Patel, Senior Product Manager, BetterCloud Michael Marks, Director of PM, BetterCloud