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Better Together: The IT Guide to Aligning with HR for Great Employee Experiences

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What's inside: 

  • Tactics for getting budget and executive buy-in to streamline common HR and IT operations
  • Tips on establishing better lines of communication between HR and IT
  • Actionable steps for handling evolving employee types and increasing demands
  • Best practices for solving the top four security threats posed by improper offboarding
  • A case study on how Fullscreen Media reinvented and streamlined HR and IT with BetterCloud and Namely


HR and IT are essential to the modern-day organization. But there is often a fundamental disconnect between these two business units. Communication tends to be poor, and processes are ad hoc instead of systematic. But why? And more importantly, what’s the solution?

This whitepaper—co-produced by Namely and BetterCloud, two industry experts in the HR and IT fields, respectively—will provide answers to that question.