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The IT Leader’s Guide to SaaSOps: How to Secure Your SaaS Applications, Volume 2

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By reading The IT Leader's Guide to SaaSOps (Volume 2), you will:

  • Learn what SaaS Operations (SaaSOps) is—and why this new IT discipline is more important than ever
  • Understand why user interactions are the key to securing SaaS applications
  • Learn the 3 types of user interactions and how to classify them across your SaaS apps
  • Take a quiz to see where where your security philosophy falls on a spectrum
  • See how SaaSOps challenges occur in the real world
  • Learn how to get started with a SaaSOps checklist and action plan


Today most organizations readily agree that cloud providers are far safer than legacy, on-prem systems. That said, SaaS platforms only secure their applications. IT must secure how they’re used.

But doing that—especially in a way that doesn’t sacrifice user productivity—is a tricky undertaking.

This book tackles that quandary. It’s a deep dive into a new category, SaaSOps, and a new concept: user interactions. Your users are the new perimeter in the digital workplace, and securing their interactions is the key to securing your SaaS data.