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The SaaSOps Show: BetterCloud's CEO Looks Back on a Year of WFH

Justine & Brian are joined by special guest David Politis, Founder & CEO of BetterCloud. In a year since COVID, BetterCloud went from a strong in-office culture to the reality that there's no going back. But imagine if a pandemic of this scale happened just 10 years ago? The tools and tech that have enabled us to keep going—even thrive—in a fully remote model didn't exist. Over the course of a year, BetterCloud (like many) grappled with the big questions... What will the future look like? Is the office as we know it in the archives? 00:00 Welcome, David Politis! 01:05 SaaS and BetterCloud 04:27 2020 Expectations vs Reality 05:40 WFH is Working 08:46 What would you tell 2020 you? 11:00 Going off a SaaS cliff 13:52 IT is transforming remote work 17:45 The people want training (on Zoom)! 19:56 Gartner makes SMPs "a thing" 23:52 Community, Careers & Certs 26:15 We're hiring!